Jokes in my heart are jokes. There is still tolerance for treating people. Moreover, Chen Yanguan is not that kind of layman who looks at others.
"Jianghan and I are classmates. Let’s take part in the internship this time!"
"Hello, nice to meet you … guys!"
Cao Yun held out his hand and shook Chen Yanguan’s words, which was a bit of a hindrance.
She looked at this handsome intern in front of her eyes. To be precise, one second ago, she was still looking like an ignorant student, but she suddenly reached out to herself and became serious. Looking at his smiling face inexplicably made her feel a little bit of pressure!
"Both Jianghan and Chen Yanguan always feel that they don’t look like interns …" Cao Yun secretly thought.
At this time, Chen Yanguan suddenly changed his face, his eyebrows turned into twists and turned to run.
"uh ~! Hmm! No, no, I’m sorry, Cao Yun, I … I’m choking on my bag, you … you go on, I’ll find some water! "
Looking at the pot, Chen Yanguan Cao Yun looked stunned and remembered that he had just stuffed his mouth with a mouthful of clutch bags and sloped to laugh.
Jianghan behind him is full of black lines, which is funny! I want him to keep a low profile. How did he become like Xiaoqiang, the clown?
Glancing at the corner of her mouth, she was still smiling thoughtfully. Cao Yunjiang Hannay shook her head. If I told the girl that the clown just now was actually a family worth over 100 million yuan, I’m afraid she would be a mental derangement.
Looking for the supervisor to cancel the leave just happened to be the start of the day shift.
Coincidentally, more than a dozen interns from the University of Technology came to the Magi Banner Gym for internship. Jianghan and Chen Yanguan left this store, and others went to other branches in Xingcheng. The reason is that this store is a pre-sale store, and the workload is much larger than that of an operating store, and the working hours are much longer.
For the vast majority of college students who are only half-pedaled out of school, it is the greenhouse in their school that develops bad habits, whether in life or work.
Maybe later, when they walk out of the school gate, the society will be battered and ravaged thousands of times, and then they will think about small things and avoid the important things. They will always be an lser in their lives!
The company held a brief morning meeting, and Jianghan and Chen Yanguan, two new interns, went there to introduce themselves briefly.
Jianghan Company has become a target of public criticism because of Ping Huang’s rumors. When introducing themselves, except for giving the manager Jiang Wei some faces and slapping a few hands symbolically, the scene was bleak. On the first day when Chen Yanguan was in Jianghan’s class, they and their colleagues were frozen to the extreme.
The manager Jiang Wei and the membership supervisor should have noticed this, but they didn’t say anything. They would have arranged the simple work early and let everyone take their places directly.
It has always been a rule that the gym membership always brings the new. It is said that the way to go is narrow, and I don’t know if it is a coincidence that Jianghan and Chen Yanguan, two newcomers, were thrown to Ping Huang by Zhu Tao, the director of membership.
Jianghan didn’t object to this, and Zhu Tao’s arrangement also made people find nothing wrong.
What are you dissatisfied with when the newcomer company comes and lets you be a master?
"It should be said that Jiangdian and Brother Zhu have just said that there is nothing I can teach you. Now take care of your things and go to the street. Remember that if you don’t finish it at night, there will be punishment!"
Cold and arrogant dumped Jianghan Chen Yanguan with a face of Ping Huang and let them die. It was agreed that the old and the new Ping Huang had put a fart on Jianghan and Chen Yanguan and deliberately made things difficult for their faces.
Chen Yanguan, who has long learned from Jianghan about the origin of the festival, is not at ease. It seems that people like Ping Huang can desperately pray that Jianghan will not share his common sense, otherwise it will really make Jianghan angry. Hehe, I don’t know how the little one died!
Pin the crown? Joke!
"I can tell you that Jianghan has no time to play with you! Later, when I came to the class to punch in, I went back to the company and there was still a lot of things waiting for me to deal with! "
"I’ve already talked to your brother. You’ve had someone to help you with those things for a while in the past few months. Now you need an internship with peace of mind!"
"what! ?” Chen Yanguan stared at Jianghan!
"It’s not my idea to stare at me, and your brother is very much in favor of it!" Jianghan glanced at Chen Yanguan, who grinned as if to eat Jianghan alive.
"It doesn’t make sense!"
"Have you ever been to the grassroots?" Jianghan looked at Chen Yanguan.
"What do you mean?"
"Before you worked as a deputy to Brother Yan Shu, you were all middle-level people in this circle. Seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears is very different from what you see in this position now. Have you ever experienced the life of these people at the bottom?"
"I …"
"I know you have seen it, but you may not understand it!" Jianghan interrupted Chen Yanguan and almost blurted out.
"It’s like when you order a takeaway, you can see the things delivered to you by the takeaway, but you don’t necessarily know that the takeaway may have gone through hardships in this process. You can see the sanitation workers all over the street, but you don’t necessarily know that many of them will go to work at three or four in the morning. Do you know that our school cleaning aunt, the domestic garbage in our dormitory road, they are also busy at four or five in the morning!"
"Do you know where Li Ka-shing started?" Jianghan asked
Smiling, he said to Chen Yanguan, "Say that Li Ka-shing may have gone too far. Then tell me about your brother Chen Yanshu. Do you know what he has done for Qin Mufeng in the past ten years?"
Chen Yanguan looked up at Jianghan and was puzzled.
"He must have never told you, and his personality is unlikely to tell you this."
"In addition to being a driver for Qin Mufeng, he has worked as a security guard, a warehouse manager and a salesman in shopping malls in recent years. He has also been to the lowest market research street to send questionnaires to outsiders. As soon as he graduated, he was a red man in front of Qin Mu Fengfeng, and he was a gold collar. But I am afraid that he knows what kind of painful struggle he has experienced behind his glamorous surface!"
"It’s true that you are a deputy to Brother Yan Shu now, but have you ever thought that if Brother Yan Shu is released to you one day or let you open up a new world, do you think you can really take over with your current ability?"
Chen Yanguan was silent.
"Before someone asked me what is almost stupid to sell a lot of benefits and give the industry to your Chen family brothers to take care of themselves, wouldn’t it be better! I told her this with a smile, saying that I can come by myself? When I was seventeen years old, I thought I wanted to be martial arts again. It was me all day, but is this really the case? It’s like singing and acting in the smoky entertainment circle now, thinking of recording directors blindly catering to the market, and at the end of the screen, there are only those beautiful faces and polarization! Every time I hear those remarks that say, do you know how hard my family loves beans? I really want to say, "I don’t know if I don’t work hard, I don’t know who I will try to show it to?"
"The ancestors said that if you want to do good, you must first use sharp tools. You also said that there was no Jin Gangzuan who didn’t take care of porcelain. Han Yu also said that he had successively specialized in the art! These words can withstand the ravages of time, and they can still be deafening today! After all, life is not a novel. The gap between wanting to do it and doing it is far from a few strokes. Unfortunately, not everyone is white! "
At some point, Jianghan went further and further.
Laughing at himself, Jianghan added, "No one can really be defined as successful casually! People can’t always see the scenery in the same place, so it’s hard to make great progress! You, me, Xiaojie and Xiaoqiang, we are divided into four people, which is a living example! "
Jianghan held Chen Yanguan’s shoulder heavily. "We are all the same. This time, you should experience life with me. Besides, the leader of Magi national health industry, even if it is only a gym in other flags, I believe we can still gain something in a few months!"
Chen Yanguan slapped Jianghan’s hand on his shoulder.
"I’ve been listening to your vernacular for a long time, and I forgot what you just said!"
Jianghan’s faint smile is the most inscrutable Zhang Sanfeng smile. "How fast you forget!"
Chen Yan’s face suddenly exploded in a second. "Fuck you and take advantage of the old!" (Zhang Sanfeng and Zhang Ji are jealous of Taiji sword stalks in the story of Eternal Dragon Slayer)
Volume Five Feilong Day Chapter 441 lean origin!
"Hey ~ I knew this would happen. You should follow me for the time being. If you don’t understand anything, I’ll teach you!"
Cao Yun’s sudden appearance made Jianghan somewhat surprised, but on second thought, he was relieved.
And Chen Yanguan look at each other without refusing her kindness.
"Send out as many single pages as possible to leave those numbers!"
"In this process, we can introduce them to our gym features!"
"When you meet people who are in a hurry, you should be concise and try your best to hand out a single page to express your core at least, but if people really don’t want to answer it, don’t be too reluctant to arouse others’ disgust."
"If you meet potential members who are willing to pick up a page in your hand and stop to talk to you, you should introduce him as much as possible to arouse his interest in fitness, such as trying to start with the characteristics, quality environment and advanced equipment of our club!"
"Of course, whether it’s the former or the latter, our ultimate goal is to get their contact information, whether it’s WeChat or QQ. Every contact information belongs to our own resources. Our sales performance is transformed from these resources after opening, that is to say, the amount of resources you receive determines your subsequent sales, which determines your sales success!"
The sales industry started low, and the money was quick, but it was often unpleasant in front of the public.
They look at the well-dressed clothes, but they are actually sour behind them, but they are not humane enough. Isn’t there a paragraph saying that although there are many successful people in suits and ties all over the street now, 10% of them are selling on the surface, either selling insurance or selling houses? If they are unlucky, they may still turn the graveyard urn upside down!
Compared with these real gym memberships, sometimes it’s a little shabby, just like Jianghan, Chen Yanguan and Cao Yun.
Cao Yun, an old employee who collects resources, obviously has his own set of theories. She doesn’t hide anything from Chen Yan’s view behind her. She walks along and talks from time to time.
Jianghan and Chen Yanguan, who have just come into contact with themselves, are also open-minded and indisputable, listening and watching quietly.
"Have you noticed any important details that I didn’t teach you before when I sent them all the way just now?"
After successfully receiving a micro-signal from a treasure mother who took her children out for a walk, Cao Yun was obviously in a good mood, smiling at Jianghan and Chen Yanguan as a teacher to teach students.
Jianghan smiled and looked at Chen Yanguan without talking.
Chen Yan-guan curled his lips and said faintly, "It’s not true that you said that the quantity of resources determines the sales performance, or you said that it’s not enough because the real decision on sales should be the quality of resources!"
"I don’t know what the resource conversion rate of our fitness club is after years of big data statistics, but I know that compared with the quality of resources, the impact of quantity on performance is much smaller! A real and effective ordinary number can bring you at most one card sales performance, but a high-quality resource is different!
"If you are lucky, one, two, three, and hundreds of thousands of sales can be made by resource diffusion effect!"
A smile appeared on Chen Yan’s face. He looked at Cao Yun. "I don’t think everyone sent it when you just sent a list and introduced people, but you chose to identify some people. For example, some aunts who sell vegetables never hand over a single page, but some white-collar students who study in college drive, gold collars and treasure moms with children. When you meet people, I think that’s what you mean by details."
Jianghan smiled and said nothing. Cao Yun was dumbfounded!
"Yes, yes! You are amazing. You just said that these former headquarters sent regional managers to give us training. "