The God of Flowers smiled again. "Boy, this bull’s head is not only full of charm, but also full of momentum!"
Wu is a square fairy? Tauren asked a question in his heart, but said to Nianhua, "Thank you again for your praise!"
After thanking Niu Ji, he turned back to the original question, "These wandering souls are unnatural and stubborn, and it is difficult to educate them. They are fools, and all fools are stupid! However, adults look far and wide, which is much farther than villains. Villains are stairs overlooking the distance. You always have a bird’s eye view of the top of the mountain … Adults can certainly see clearly what these people are unnatural. They dare to fight against heaven and earth and nature, but it is because they dare to fight against heaven and Tao that they have the first fish to climb the shore from the sea. Only then had the first Populus euphratica rooted in the desert; Only the first person who dared to keep the kindling … only then did the world flourish today! "
Su Jing smiled, this time it was really pleasant, and how could he not be happy when he understood the secret?
"So this is also a natural way to be honest and obedient to nature can make you live a happier life; Stubborn and rebellious nature must live hard, but they can make nature richer and more colorful! All these bones contain reverse roots, which are fools and talents! "
"Yang people say that these wandering souls are born with anti-bones, but they are not necessarily anti-thieves. In front of them, generations may be honest people, just like this Liu Tie and those stupid locusts, but maybe they will be able to come up with some tricks!"
"Of course, this also has a small degree of anti-nature, but it can’t be done that day. Isn’t it a mess? If you are sure of this degree, it is not that a villain can know things. So far, our Yin and Yang Division relies on the method of’ asking for grievances’ to select. "
"Elected is a fool is also a talented fool to punish a few boards and then severely scare a phone even if it is punished; Talents should be rewarded for reincarnating their horses and being able to return to the afterlife is a great reward! "
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Evil thief
Long-winded is full of long-winded, but it does make things generally clear.
Division of Yin and Yang is unreasonable. It’s simple. This … Hello?
Niu Ji Ma Xi, Xiao Gui Yao Wu, and thousands of ghosts all have human figures, but how many of them are human? Since they are not human beings, how can we expect them to be human?
It’s unkind but not sentimental. Su Jing’s impression of Yin and Yang Division has improved a lot after listening to Yao Wu and Niu Ji’s two long speeches. However, after hearing the last, Su Jing wondered, "Is it a reward to allow them to be reincarnated?"
People die, ghosts go into the nether world, and then they erase their memories and send them back to Yang after the trial of Yin and Yang … After going back and forth, they come back again and again, and the roots of reincarnation are "should" and reward.
Niu Ji raised the official document again. "It’s really a great reward to be reborn. Please ask adults to approve the official document first and then explain it to you slowly after sending them away."
Su scenic spot nodded according to Niu Ji’s instructions, and he ordered the official document to be printed. At the same time, he carefully read the official document. "I said that I will be reincarnated but I didn’t say where they will be reborn?"
"Report to my adult, we are a small official company that can manage this step, and where is the big company official who decided not to let us take responsibility? The little confused adult is an official who can manage everything in the future, but you are abrupt …"
Before Su Jing finished speaking, he went white and asked, "Can you bend the rules?"
Three resin sympathizes with Liu Tie, hoping to give him a good afterlife. Niu Jimaxi can see that three resin thoughts look at each other, and hesitate for a moment. Two big differences seem to bite their teeth and nod "try your best"
Immediately, Ma Xi held up a green torch with a miserable light and walked to a round place not far away. There should be kindling objects lit by the torch and burned.
However, the flames in the tripod are weak and still burning listlessly.
NiuJi to mumbling don’t know whether to pray or sing a spell, and then put his hand in the document Xiang Ding a throw to listen to "bang" a tripod flame soared!
A few breaths. In the past, a ghost hanging from the waist made a big order. The ghost stepped out of the tripod fire. This ghost was tall, thin and light. His eyes turned over and he could not see the pupil. He was blind with a pointed face.
The document that was burnt to ashes by the fire in the tripod was held by him with his left hand and his right hand swinging with a chain, and it sounded very harsh.
Blind ghosts grope for the official documents, and their fingers are sharp and thin. They sing the official documents one by one. Every time those names are sung to a person’s right hand chain, a crash will fly out. After a while, more than 70 people have been read by him and locked their sharp faces. The tone of the official documents is arrogant. "Is Niu Jimaxi all the wandering souls here?"
"Report to me that you have worked so hard." The newcomer has a very high status. The two poor heads of Yin and Yang Department are grinning and pointed. They nodded and turned around and were about to step on the tempering again. Niu Ji shouted, "Please stay a little. There is one more thing to please you."
Sharp-faced and blind, impatient, but still stopped, Niu Ji ran to his ear and whispered a final word, "That man’s soul Liu Tie also asked for a lot of care." At the same time, Niu Ji spit out a small package from his mouth and stuffed it into each other’s hands
The tone of the baggage in the hand is flat. "This is not enough for him to be reborn. It depends on your filial piety to the official. Let him be a man, but don’t count on it in a good day."
Ma Xi frowned and quickly pulled out a small baggage from his horse’s ear and stuffed it into the blind hand. "A small heart makes a difference and adults work hard."
Two of the company’s big bosses paid for their own money, and his ghosts in the underground palace also gave you a copy and I gave a copy. I didn’t move when I was in the fog, but then I couldn’t move. I also pulled out a small bag from my cuff and handed it to him, but his "mind" was to suppress my colleagues. He was the most shabby.
Blindly smiled soon. "It’s very kind of you to take care of each other when you are colleagues and brothers. It’s a pity for my old brother. It’s a good idea for everyone. I’m also a kind person. Have a heart and send him to a wealthy family."
Then he shook his hand and untied Liu Tie’s neck iron rope to tie his waist, which made the "prisoner" feel a lot better.
Ma Xi took the opportunity to say, "Poor adults, this group of’ prisoners’ is stupid, but it’s still too honest to respect them …"
My toe face has changed from ice to flowers. I laughed and shook my right wrist again. All wandering souls have changed from neck cord to waist lock. Then I smiled and said, "Even if everyone knows what I said, I have to nag again. My brothers entrusted me to do a good job, but in the end, I chose a decent family for him. I have a good background, but I can’t stop there. No one can guarantee his wealth for life. It depends on him."
Say that finish in NiuJi Ma Xi and others a burst of thanks in sharp face blind with wandering souls into the cauldron from the natural Su Jing didn’t forget to finally look back to his Liu Tie nods "don’t worry".
After going blind, the imp demon fog stared at Su Jing. "They paid bribes to curry favor with you. I’m not. I’m sorry for that Liu Tie and helped him a little … Don’t laugh at my flat pocket. I’m poor. There’s no way to get a meager salary. They give me the least extra money!"
"If you are new here, what can you add? Naturally, you will get the least share." Ma Xi laughed. "After that, your share is just like his brother, so don’t complain any more."
"True" two big poor officer nodded at the same time.
"Little brother Yaowu thanked all the brothers!" The demon fog finally became crossed and removed that smelly face.
It is bold to openly discuss the ghosts of "making up" and "extra money" in front of adults, which also shows that the atmosphere of Yin and Yang is like this
Ma Xi came to Su Jing’s front. "I have asked the adulterer and adulterer in the adult Liu Tie case clearly. Should I go to Yang immediately to catch the culprits?"
"There are a few details about how to handle this matter. I haven’t thought about it yet. Don’t leave until I think about it."
Ma Xi should be followed by another topic: "In addition, there are a large group of wandering souls outside … so Hongguangfeng picks Qiu Wang, Chu Jiangwang City, and Shen Gujun, who have just started to participate in the round. Ghosts are looking forward to your sending wandering souls to their site. The price is almost three liters for a wandering soul."
Niu Ji interface "there is a ghost who has just started an uprising, but he has not yet claimed that the Wangs’ family is thin. He can’t afford three liters of incense. He can give two and a half liters first, but he is willing to make up one and a half liters in a hundred years. Together, it is four liters of incense. A wandering soul is higher than other families’ prices, but it’s hard to say whether he can succeed or not. Maybe after twenty years, he will let other kings play in ashes, and he can’t repay his debts …"
This remark really surprised Su Jing. "What do you mean?"
Niu Ji smiled and explained, "Kings have to fight for hegemony. Soldiers have never? It’s not just a place where ghosts, people and ghosts are demanding that we send wandering souls to their place so that we can recruit troops and expand our strength. "