At this time, the stranger asked me if the ghost would follow …
I said maybe!
As far as I know, ghosts can’t be destroyed! It will follow us all the time until we reach the place where we live, and then we will be safe.
Of course, it reminds me of those games I met at school.
It is also to kill the ghost and you can come out of the game.
But in a different way.
But this way increases the danger. After all, we have to drive to that place and enter that place.
I believe that many people died when the car escaped from the game or arrived at the door of the place where the devil imprisoned us.
Thought of here, I thought of the game I had experienced. If Momo hadn’t eaten the shadow, I believe it would have manipulated me and killed me.
Thought of here, my horse thought of his own shadow.
Now Momo has fallen into the hands of the devil, so my shadow has also fallen into the hands of ghosts …
I felt a sense of foreboding when I thought of this.
I feel that the devil will still manipulate me through the mirror and make me become an ordinary person from death.
When I thought about this, suddenly a black shadow flashed.
The original gloomy dawn.
Those dark clouds in Huitian were dispersed by the sun for a while.
Seeing this, I took a look at the sky.
What’s the matter?
Just when I looked at the sky, I suddenly heard Xiaoya shout a black shadow …
The sun struggled out of the dark clouds.
The trees in the original site were all shaded by the sun.
I was very surprised to see this scene.
This …
This is how le?
Of course, the sense of foreboding in my heart is very strong.
The owner of the sunshine and the department of things appeared.
There is no shadow of me.
But a shadow is coming towards me from the foot of the mountain.
That is, Xiaoya just shouted that sentence.
This …
Is this my own shadow?
Seriously, it makes me feel a little surprised.
Maybe the ghost king really caught Momo and released my shadow from Momo’s body.
And then let me back into that place where we were imprisoned through the control shadow.
This makes me feel very scared.
Because if I have a shadow, then I will change from an illusory death to a person again!
Do all the struggle before.
Thought of here, I started a cold sweat on my forehead.
Although I thought this scene would happen, I didn’t expect it to come so quickly that it was unacceptable from the bottom of my heart.
At this time, Xiaoya shouted at me and said, Zhou Bin, you must flee …
Just when I panicked, there was a cold sound behind me!
I got you.
At this time, I quickly turned to look behind me.
Suddenly I found that the ghost in red had fallen behind the strange man!
Just then I thought about pointing a gun at a female ghost and suddenly found myself unable to move at all.
At this time, I found my shadow again.
I went from being a god of death to being a person again.
Suddenly found that all the struggles in the past seemed to be in vain for a second.
At this moment, my eyes shifted from the shadow to the strange man.
I don’t know what ability female the ghost has to lift the skull of that strange man.
White brain exposed in front of us.
The brain texture is very clear, including fine blood vessels.
Of course, one more thing is that this strange man didn’t feel pain at present, and he didn’t feel that he was going to die.
The female ghost leaked a sinister smile from her mouth and raised her pale hand! The red fingernail plunged into the white brains of a strange man …
Seeing this scene is simply shocking.
Of course, a normal person can imagine the pain after being stabbed in the brain suddenly.
Men are also scared at this time! Because he saw that blood flow from his head.
At this time, the rotten face smile of the female ghost in red is even more evil and scary.
She put her hands behind the man’s skull.
The hot brains are still fixed.
Men are conscious of being alive.
However, just one second!
The female ghost put her hand on the man’s brain with a jerk, and then rubbed the original fixed brain with her hand and was rubbed into brains by the ghost for a while.