Li Yan’s smile came to an abrupt end when he heard this, and a flash of white came to Molingji’s side.
Her dim eyes seem to have a look at the moment, and her voice is very excited.
"Who is the teacher? ! Is it the Qin family? Is that Qin Gumei? Or … "
"Li Yan you wake up! Qin Jiagen won’t care about you, and Qin Gumei, the ungrateful person, won’t come to you! "
"Who’s that? !”
"Zhou family!"
"The Zhou family …" Li Yan slowly recovered her calm. She squatted down with thousands of white hairs falling to the ground. She buried her head in her knees for a long time. She said to Mo Lingji, "Master, did they leave?"
"I let them go."
"Thank you, Master. Please say goodbye to the Zhou family and treat me as dead."
"Don’t you want people to come to you?"
"But the Zhou family doesn’t have this ability. I don’t want to implicate them. I want them to be safe."
"Then I’ll tell you!" MoLingJi Shirley said to Li Yan "Qin family didn’t also this ability! Don’t be wishful thinking. I’ll tell you the truth. The northern government has already been wiped out. The Qin family were all killed by’ Pastoral Religion’ people, including Qin Gumei … "
Except for "Brother Qin", Mo Lingji seems to hate Qin family very much.
She said that and turned to leave, but as soon as she walked to the front of Shimen, suddenly the figure in white was flying, and Li Yan had blocked her. She shouted at Mo Lingji like crazy.
"Master, don’t go! What happened to the Qin family? Is Gu Mei dead … What about my son? ! Where’s my son My son, you are quick to say … "
Molingji called a.
A clap to Li Yan, but her palm has just come out. Li Yan’s palm has hit her palm. Mo Lingji’s body was shocked and even retreated several steps.
Li Yan’s face is cold at the moment, and the murder in his eyes is like a blade. The ominous light is full of white hair, and it is like flying thousands of silver wires by the wind!
Chapter 13 Poor motherly (2)
Li Yan, the goddess of the Temple at that time, gave people the feeling that Mo Lingji, a female demon from hell, was amazed and looked at Li Yan as if she didn’t recognize this disciple. Now Li Yan’s kung fu is even better than her.
Mo Lingji said, "When you were ten years old, I took you to the floating island. You were brilliant in ice and snow and talented. At that time, I knew that you would surpass me in martial arts sooner or later."
Li Yan said, "Master has been imprisoned for these years. Every day, I just miss my son and practice hard. Do you know what? That is, when I go out one day, I’m going to find my son. Over the years, I don’t think there must be many people around him who bully him. I want to teach those people a lesson for my son. I want them to know that my son is not childless. He has a mother, but you still tell me everything truthfully, or I can do anything as a mother! "
MoLingJi gas nu way "karma you dare to threaten me! Do you still dare to kill me? !”
Li Yan’s face showed a ray of mockery. She said lightly, "Master, you have contributed to my life today, but after all, I have broken the temple law. After all, you are my master. I confessed that I didn’t say anything in front of the temple elders and island owners. It’s also a reward for your kindness. Now I don’t care about anything. Of course, I won’t hurt you, but master, if you don’t make it clear, don’t come up with this stone room!"
Moring Ji said angrily, "I want to see what you can do to me!"
Mo Lingji’s body flashing has reached Li Yan’s front. Li Yan also pointed out that her pale fingers are faster than Mo Lingji’s. Like a piece of white wax, Mo Lingji’s fingers are on time. Mo Lingji suddenly feels that her fingers are numb by Li Yan’s fingers. Moring Ji even points out a few fingers. Li Yan also points out a little continuously. Those fingers of Mo Lingji’s body are still blocking the door.
Mo Lingji’s body constantly changes its position and attacks Li Yan with a "broken jade palm" to force Li Yan from the door.
However, Li Yan’s figure is not far from Shimen, and his footwork is constantly changing rapidly. His palms are dancing gracefully, and his shadows are like pieces of paper, and he still carries a white chill! Let Mo Lingji feel more and more cold. Li Yan’s white hair is as cold as snow. It is difficult for Moring Jigen to break Li Yan’s palm array.
Mo Lingji said, "You also practiced Zhoujia Kung Fu!"
Li Yan said coldly, "Kill my son."
Mo Lingji attacked nearly a hundred tricks again, but there was no way to force Li Yan from the door.
Mo Lingji had to accept this coldness at that moment, and now she is no match for this apprentice. Mo Lingji simply stepped aside and she shouted at the outside in a little flustered.
"Respect to respect …"
But no matter how she shouted, she couldn’t get a respectful response.
Molingji was furious and could endure.