But it happened that this was a very normal business line and people didn’t go on, which made Sika depressed.
Glasses are destined to be extravagant.
Nowadays, the main shopping base of social women and the women who can buy luxury goods are all "Bai Gujing"
Although these people are not as rich as those who are rich and expensive, they pay attention to a cost-effective ratio.
Let’s not say that the price factor is simple, what is the other party’s promotional price, what are all kinds of slogans, and all kinds of lively activities. To say that it is not exciting is a ghost!
But as far as Sika knows, the other person’s glasses are 30% higher than her optical shop.
In other words, the other party has to pay 40% profit for promotion!
This is simply harming others and not benefiting themselves!
It happened that in the face of each other, Sika could do anything.
Strictly speaking, this kind of business of the other party is a bit marginal, but in the final analysis, it is still in normal business.
If trade rashly goes to sue the other party for malicious price reduction, it seems that it is too petty.
Of course, this is all nonsense. Actually, according to Ning Yi’s investigation law, is this move illegal?
Since it is not illegal, there is naturally no reason to sue each other.
Sosika can also watch gloomily that the most profitable shop in her own house is empty, but the crowds in front of the other party are coming one after another.
Chapter 195
Sica, who is upset, has a big fight with her sister Crystal while dealing with the optical shop.
The reason is that Crystal’s boyfriend actually broke the cheating scandal.
However, the crystal is fine, but I still choose to trust my boyfriend!
The mouth of a fucking man can believe that sows can grow trees!
Let people worry, sister, let people worry, shop.
Make sika physically and mentally exhausted.
It happened that at this time, the news of Ning’s one-night meeting with hot girls suddenly broke out.
Sika suddenly stopped being angry.
I suddenly stopped being angry
She returned to Korea very calmly and went to the gym the next day to work out.
But everyone who knows her well knows that Jessica is really angry this time.
Sika has a stubborn personality.
An artist who can practice for seven years and wait until her debut, and who can always combine the most female powder, can imagine how stubborn it is if she really gets stuck!
No one is seen on the mobile phone, and a person is crazy to vent his physical strength and energy.
It seems that I went back to the time when I learned for the first time that I was not selected for the female group debut more than ten years ago.
Almost tired and paralyzed
After crazy venting, it is natural to cry.
If you are thirsty and hungry, you have a fitness club. If you are sleepy, just lie down and sleep.
Don’t go out for seven days in a row
I’m afraid something will definitely happen if the guild hall has not been watched by someone.