"Selecting fools is also selecting talents." Niu Ji was more energetic when he spoke with a happy expression. "It’s not a fool to let the wandering souls complain before the poor officials will say’ it’s only natural’ that they will complain at random, but there will still be people complaining, just like these wandering souls in front of adults … unwilling and disowning their heads, they always wish they could fight for something again. What do we tell them over and over again, but they still feel wronged and feel that what they feel, what they know and what they think is more natural than the real truth? Aren’t they fools? "

The God of Flowers smiled again. "Boy, this bull’s head is not only full of charm, but also full of momentum!" Wu is a square fairy? Tauren asked a question […]

"First of all, the location of the Capital Royal Veterinary College is the capital of the alliance, and it is the best to obtain resources among all its colleges. Because of this special geographical location, students of the Capital Royal Veterinary College often come into contact with some senior members of the alliance when they are students."

"If you have any plans to go to the Alliance Department in the future, the Capital Royal Veterinary College is a very good place." "Besides, it is the Shuilu Veterinary […]