Guaranteed the strength of konoha.
Moreover, the two were separated for a year, and the natural law struggled in the secret foreign land. No one can care so much about what happened.
This is actually a disguised exile in Chiba.
After all, Chiba may not be able to grow smoothly without village protection.
It is also considered that the three generations of Huo Ying are selfish and biased towards the group and severely punish Chiba.
Uchibo ancestral hall
In front of Uchiha Fugaku’s eloquent speech, dozens of Uchibo ninja elites were kneeling.
Not to Chiba’s surprise, Uchiha Fugaku was very angry when he heard that Tuanzang owned Uchihiro sharingan, but he was more interested in the fact that Tuanzang could make Uchihiro forbidden-Iyenaki.
Knowing Chiba, I didn’t know that Fuyue was also hastily comforting Chiba after the launch.
Then spread the news to Uchibo ninjas, on the one hand, let them be careful to protect sharingan; On the other hand, uniting with a Uchibo ninja makes them suspicious that the village is more dissatisfied with the top; At the same time, let Uchibo ninja support him more as a patriarch.
I have to say that Uchiha Fugaku put aside the future generations, schemers and politicians can get mixed up in politics
But seeing this Amway is like brainwashing, Chiba has long since stopped buying it.
Moreover, Fu Yue’s reactionary separatism will not have a good chance sooner or later.
Chiba is also casually perfunctory Fuyue.
Chapter 70 Tuguo
The beige windbreaker, the red bean, the white face, the tears can’t stop flowing, and the eyes are red like a big rabbit.
Chiba, while gently wiping the tears of red beans, quipped, "Don’t cry, it means that you can’t see each other for a year, depending on whether you cry like a rabbit or a big fat rabbit."
"Whoops ~ ~ ~ Hum!"
Red bean cried and was teased by Chiba. Jade hand wiped her tears and said, "You are the big fat rabbit!" "
One side of the water stop is also leaned in and laughed. "Oh, my sister-in-law’s eyes are really as fat as rabbits. Is it better to steam or braise in soy sauce?" !”
Red beans are blushing when they are teased, but they lie on Chiba’s chest and mouth, but they don’t wait for people to threaten, "What about fighting?" ! The waterproof skin itches, right? "
The crowd a slapstick is diluted somewhat parting sorrow.
When the penalty documents reach Chiba and stop water, they must be executed abroad.
Well, it’s the second time that Chiba has brought trouble to stop water, or it’s the assassination of the group in collusion with the group.
But fortunately, I have a water stop to accompany me, and I have a care for my road, and I also readily agree to stop water.
Continue to stay in the village. Even if the water stop is so gentle, it will break away from the shackles of the family and rise to the point of the village. I can’t help but be shocked by the darkness and want to kill this fellow.
"Protect yourself from hiding in the village. If you have anything to do, ask Mr. Ape Fei or Mr. Skunk’s younger brother or three generations of Huo Ying for help. There are always people who can help you."
Chiba left the village to entrust her family and red beans to a young ninja, the ferret.
However, although there are some red beans, Chiba knows the strength and wisdom of her brother, and the whole village is at least in the top five.
Of course, it has not grown to that point yet.
Naruto himself was entrusted to the ape-flying Shinsuke teacher. After a loss, Chiba also refused to give Naruto to the Uchibo family, otherwise it would be impossible to say that three generations of Tuan Zang would be disappointed.
Let him take care of his eldest son, so there’s nothing to say at last.
Chiba expected that no matter how bold she was, she would not dare to shoot Huoyinger!
"Let’s set out for Chiba and Water Stop." Three generations of Huo Ying Sarutobi Hiruzen looked out of the window and muttered as if to himself.
"Well, I just left!" Beside the three generations of Huo Ying, there is a tall silver-haired man with a cold breath. It is Hatake Kakashi, the first technician of Konoha, the captain of the dark department.
"It’s better to leave … it’s much better to stay outside than in the village."
"Chiba is a kind-hearted child with a heavy heart and a heavy sense of righteousness. He has a double shadow of the first generation of Huo Ying and uchiha madara. I don’t know how far he can grow. On the surface, I banished him and didn’t give him a chance to fly high. I hope he won’t let me down, otherwise my bitter plan will be in vain!"
Looking at the three generations of Huo Ying, it seems that he is getting old for a few years. Hatake Kakashi can’t help but comfort himself. "Don’t worry, Huo Ying’s adult will be painstakingly waiting for him to grow up!"
"I hope so!"
Hesitated for a while, Sarutobi Hiruzen suddenly said, "What happened to Tuanzang?"
"He? ! Be honest! There is no movement. "
Hatake Kakashi half narrowing her eyes sneer at a tone with a hint of disdain.
Root station
What direction does the lonely group look at? It is the northern gate of Konoha.
It’s different from holding the left guard and protecting the right guard. Now I’m hiding around alone.
However, the expression of Tuanzang is still indifferent, and there is quite a realm of not liking things and not being sad.
It’s really ironic
The group hiding is like bark, with a sneer and a cold sound.
"Chiba and Shuishui can’t grow up like this by you, which will bring disaster to Konoha. If the three generations of Huoying listened to my advice, they would have reached the present point."
"I hope my intelligence and money can be exchanged for that organization’s action to solve the future trouble for me!"
"Don’t let me down!"
"Dou … should have taken the message."
Occasionally, a few blue blades of grass dot the land junction of Gobi, although it is quite rare, but it is suspected to be much more pleasing to the eye than the dry rock and soil in Gobi.
Most of the five countries in the earth’s forbearance world are desolate, and the rocks seem to be along the border, thus blocking the traffic of other countries in the earth.
Because it is close to the edge of Gobi, you can occasionally see pedestrians returning from Gobi to perform ninja teams.
At the junction of the Gobi desert and the land, two figures in black shirts and hats walked slowly, carrying a big burden behind their respective figures, quite like businessmen.
Walking in this unremarkable combination, passers-by take a casual look and then take their eyes back and continue on their way.
Two black-shirted teenagers walked slowly on the solid road, although the speed didn’t seem so fast compared with ninja.
However, if you are careful, you can find that the pace of the two teenagers walking all the way seems to be like that after careful measurement. Almost every step is about the same distance.
The sky hung high and the blazing sun didn’t make the two teenagers show half a drop of sweat on their foreheads. Their leisurely walk looked more like enjoying the scenery along the way than rushing.